March 28, 2017

Ugadi / Gudi Padwa Wishes

Dear Readers

Lets welcome Ugadi with great hope, eagerness & anticipation.Let us look forward to a plentiful of joy, satisfaction, peace & prosperity.

May this Ugadi usher cheerfulness, enriching the hearts of people with good health, wealth and joy.

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  1. Madhavi2:22 PM

    Memories of moments celebrated together
    Moments that has been attached in my heart, forever
    Make me Miss You even more this Ugadi.
    Hope this Gudi Padwa brings in Good Fortune &
    Abounding Happiness for you!
    HAPPY Gudi Padwa

  2. May God Bless you with Peace and Good Luck and Success this Gudi Padwa and all through the year

  3. Keerthi2:26 PM

    Buri yaado se na kare aankhe nam,
    Khatta swad chakh kar bhulaye gum,
    Aao sab yaaro, mil kar manaye,
    Ugadi ka tyohaar hum,
    Wishing you a Gudi Padwa 2017…!!
    Gudi Padwa images 2017


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