Does Vaseline make eyelashes grow longer?

vaselineLooks like Vaseline is one of the most popular products associated with eyelash growth. Many claim that it does thicken eyelashes and makes them grow longer. Read this post. But, does petroleum jelly/Vaseline have any role in promoting eyelash growth?eyelashes
Apparently, it seems that, in theory, coating your lashes with any thick, greasy substance like Vaseline could make them look shiny and thick, but it most certainly can't lengthen  lashes or thicken them.  It's just an urban legend made popular by some folks. A voluminzing mascara is a better idea; at least, it makes your eyes look awake and temporarily thickens your lashes.

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  1. Madhuri4:26 PM

    I've been applying Vaseline on my eyelashes with a q-tip at night for 4 days now and i'm already seeing results. What i love though is that the Vaseline makes me look like i'm wearing mascara when I'm not (so definitely a staple for when i go natural).The reason this works is because the Vaseline conditions your lashes (especially if they're constantly being dried out by mascaras and facial washing). So your lashes can grow to their full potential! From what I've read results take from 4days - 2 months to see results depending on the person.
    Anyway you are free to be sceptical or try it out and then judge... I'm certainly glad i did!

  2. Kareena4:51 PM

    Applying Vaseline to your eyelashes helps strengthen them and when the old lashes fall out, the presence of Vaseline helps the newer ones grow in thicker and, in some cases, longer. In order to see results, you have to apply the Vaseline every night, not two or three nights out of the week. For some people it takes a few weeks to see a change, while for others it takes a few months. Even if your lashes don’t grow very long, the Vaseline will do a good job of making sure your lashes are shiny, healthy and strong.

  3. Savitri5:14 PM

    Vaseline does work, after a period of three or so weeks you'll start to see a little improvement. If that doesn't work though, I've heard Castor oil will give you the same effect. I don't know if that's true though because I've never used it on mine.

  4. Vidula5:16 PM

    Vaseline will, moisturize your eyelashes which is always good- especially if you have your eyelashes dye or permed.

  5. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Vaseline is not good for your lashes. It offers no nutrition for them and is more greasy than moisturizing. Not to mention, vaseline will irritate your eyes, make a mess and can potentially clog the pores around your eyes. To acheive nourished lashes look for a mascara formula that offers vitamin and colagen rich ingredients. If you don't want to deal with colored mascara look for a clear one that offers these benefits. Many times lash primers offer these benefits as well and these have little color and can be worn on their own over night.

    The shedding of lashes is likely related to just your cycle of hair loss... we all loose and re-grow lashes regularly. The Vaseline probably just stuck them to your eye which made it more noticeable. Clogging the pores around you eye however can lead to hair loss, just like it would do on your scalp, so no more Vaseline!!!

  6. Vaseline is very oily and greasy, so I don't think it would hold mascara well. Also, Vaseline removes makeup, so you'd probably only end up with a few patches of mascara here and there.


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