Here’s Why You NEED to See the Dentist- Even if You’re an Adult

Dental hygiene is critical for your health. You can’t be a healthy, thriving human being and ignore your teeth. Don’t let a vague fear of dentist stop you from taking care of your mouth.

In addition to brushing and flossing regularly, you also need to see the dentist. If you’re riddled with anxiety, you can also see a sedation dentist who will address your concerns to ensure your comfortability throughout any procedures you might need.

You’ll be sedated during your appointment so you don’t have to experience the pain and stress sometimes associated with dental visits.

“Regular dental checkups aren’t just a good idea for kids,” says Colorado Healthy Smiles, a Lafayette dentist. “Adults need to see the dentist as well, and should have their teeth examined every six months or so. A skilled professional can fix an issue before it gets worse or help implement preventative controls to avoid a serious problem in the future.”

There are certain things you can skip in life, and taking care of your teeth is one of them. If you have children and want to see time, talk to a family dentist who can take care of everyone in your household and streamline your visits. Here’s why you should get regular dental checkups as an adult.


A serious gum infection can cause deeper health problems than simply rotting your teeth. Gum infections have been linked to heart disease. Periodontal disease is an infection that touches the tissues in your mouth. Gingivitis is an infection that’s limited to your gums. One of the reasons why you can’t skip going to the dentist is because sometimes an infection doesn’t cause any symptoms.

If you are symptomatic, you might experience pain, bleeding gums, and loose teeth. These symptoms might be severe enough to interfere with your eating. Once you start feeling any of the above, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a professional. The problems won’t resolve themselves. You need help.


Halitosis, or bad breath, is a major problem that can affect your personal and working relationships. Your dentist can help you determine the cause of your bad breath. Is it poor hygiene or something more serious?

Temporary bad breath can be caused by bits of leftover food as well as well as tobacco. A persistent problem could be a sign of diabetes or organ damage.

Preventive Care

Your dentist will notice problems with your teeth that might slip past your notice. They’re trained to recognize the signs of oral cancer and disease. Preventive care will benefit you greatly.  If you take care of a problem quickly and before it can spiral out of control, you can save yourself a lot of pain and money.


Problems with your teeth can lead to you feeling very self-conscious. Your smile is one of your greatest attributes yet people can feel nervous about their appearance if they have missing teeth or obvious gum damage. Keeping your smile in great shape will give you a boost of self-confidence.


When gunk builds up on your teeth, it turns into hard, acidic plaque. The plaque bores holes into your teeth, creating a home for bacteria to flourish. If the problem goes untreated for too long, it could lead to a serious infection.

You can reduce the amount of plaque in your mouth by maintaining strict dental hygiene standards. However, it’s hard to be perfect. Your dentist can help you with those hard-to-reach spots in the back.

Lymph Nodes

In addition to examining your teeth, your dentist will also look at the lymph nodes in your neck and face. If they’re enlarged, it could be a sign of illness. It’s very easy to not notice your own swollen lymph nodes unless you’re specifically feeling for them.

Early detection could save your life.


A professional cleaning will leave your teeth glistening. The dentist can do a much better job than you can do on your own. Yearly or semi-annual cleanings will help keep your mouth in great shape. The hardened plaque that forms a crust on your teeth can be broken up by the dentist’s efforts.

So why don’t adults visit the dentist as often as they should? There are multiple reasons. People often carry a fear of the dentist with them from childhood. Once you become an adult, the additional element of cost comes into play. Dental treatments can be prohibitively expensive.

People are also afraid to hear that they need work done. Denial is a natural part of the human psyche. Yet, when it comes to your teeth, you have to bite the bullet. It’s very important that you don’t allow your anxiety to stop you from going to the dentist.

(Contributed by Lisa)

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