November 16, 2006

Walking, skipping and breathing exercises

It is the easiest exercise. The act of walking combines the exercise and the actual striking of feet on a hard surface promotes the addition of essential minerals to the bones. It also works wonders for the circulatory system of legs and also it improves the entire vascular systems besides it burns up cholesterol and other fats. walking

But mere walking is not enough – your pace has got to be brisk, because brisk walking though a mild exercise is a good aerobic workout.

Skipping:It exercises the whole body. It strengthens the lungs, legs and wrists. It improves the blood circulation, firms up the breasts, thighs and buttocks. It tones the muscles, improves your coordination, improves your skill at sports, reduces nervousness, increases endurance and helps improve your hand and foot coordination. skipping

Jumping rope is an excellent means of achieving total body workout.

Breathing:Every tissue in the body requires oxygen. Therefore, practice deep breathing. Stand before an open window and fill your lungs with fresh morning air and then exhale pushing out the last breath. Do this for ten minutes. The secret of exercise is to develop interest not so much in exercise but in some hobby which requires vigorous movements – such as swimming, dancing, yoga, karate, tennis cricket, hiking, or gardening.


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  1. Exercise is really important to everyone. Thanks for giving us more information in your blog other than what we have known.

  2. Shaunak3:56 PM

    This Might Really Help Me get Stronger!!! Thanks!


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