February 15, 2017

Top 9 Prettiest Beauty trends to look glamorous this Spring

I’m pretty sure that you’re interested in looking glamorous because if you were not interested, you would not have been reading this article. There are plenty of things to care about if you want to look glamorous. You should take care of your face to your feet. From healthy skin, new haircuts to fancy makeup, everything should be spot on for looking glamorous. You may have noticed some of the attractive models in various fashion shows. They attract many eyeballs in the show.

There are many secrets behind them attracting so many eyeballs. Their makeup, hairstyle, dress, and others are carefully selected by the fashion designers. However, it does not mean that you cannot look glamorous. Many girls do their research, and it helps them to look glamorous as well. In the next section of this article, you will get to know about top 9 prettiest beauty trends.

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February 11, 2017

Missing A Tooth? 3 Procedures For a Confidence-Boosting Smile

Nothing can dampen a smile quite as quickly as having a few missing teeth. The lack of confidence from having gaps where pearly whites should be is enough to make people avoid taking photos entirely. Though with advances in modern cosmetic dentistry making replacements easier and cheaper to obtain, finding excuses to put off procedures to fix your smile are becoming harder than before.

February 9, 2017

WEN Cleansing Conditioners – The Latest in Hair Care

In the world of conditioners, there are many distinct products to choose from. WEN by Chaz represents an interesting option for those hoping to improve their hair more naturally, but will it work for you? Here’s what you need to know about this increasingly popular cleansing conditioner.

Many conditioner products stake their claim to fame on being unique. The WEN product line takes this a step further by offering a less complicated solution to hair care that relies on natural ingredients.

February 8, 2017

Top Whitening Toothpastes That Will Make Your Teeth Glimmer

Over time, your teeth are going to stain. It is inevitable and natural, although certain things contribute more to staining that others. Fortunately, there are effective toothpastes available to whiten your teeth, and they are not just gimmicks. The five toothpastes below have similarities and stark differences, and they are pretty much guaranteed to whiten your teeth.

January 27, 2017

Look Fabulous this New Year with these 5 makeup looks


The New Year has just started, and you know what that means – it is time to finally try all of those things that you have wished for so long since the New Year practically means a brand, new start! Forget about all of your excuses and get to work. Today is the day that we are going to try five bold makeup looks! The time for a change is here. Maybe some of these makeup looks have been on your wish list, or maybe you will hear about them for the first time. Not that is important or relevant! We are here are we are ready to share these five excellent makeup looks that you can try for either day or night gatherings, work, and any other occasion of your choosing. Let’s start! 

Before you proceed with reading the following article and exploring the world of makeup, take a minute to go through your makeup collection. It is not uncommon for women to proceed with using several makeup products long after their expiration date has passed. Not only will you not get the same effect that you have been hoping for, but you also risk getting an infection, improve the process of forming facial wrinkles, etc. This is why it is essential to throw out any product whose expiration date has come and passed, even though it is your favorite make up the product. Do not worry, because, after this, it comes the best part – shopping! After you have thrown out any makeup products, you have the opportunity to replace them with new, shine products. Maybe even try that one make up a product that you have wished for a long time. Ok, now that you are all ready and set, let’s begin with this five makeup looks that you have to try!

January 20, 2017

Modest Is Hottest: 4 Ways To Dress Conservatively Without Losing Your Style

We are all unique beings, and most people have some sense of personal style, no matter how subtle this might be. Some love to be a little bold with their style, but this may not be appropriate at all times. At some point in life, you will probably have to dress a bit more conservative. This could be for a meeting, interview, event, or perhaps you are entering the corporate world. Many feel they have to give up their sense of style, but this is not so. You just have to make a few adjustments that will allow your true self to shine. The following 4 tips will help you do just that.

January 19, 2017

Will reducing weight darken my skin? – Reader’s Query

My figure is unsymmetrical with a bulging abdomen. My height is 5 feet 1 inch and my weight is 58 kg. I have a fair complexion, but I am afraid that in losing weight it will turn dark.  Should I take some vitamin pills to prevent these problems?

Being a non-vegetarian, should I abstain from non-vegetarian food? All the remedies I have tried so far have had no effect. Please suggest something that works. I am only 20 years old.

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