November 18, 2017

Underweight And Early Menopause - Is there a connection?

Apparently there seems to be a connection between being underweight and hitting menopause early. While perusing the articles at Washington Post and NYTimes, I came across this study, Adult adiposity and risk of early menopause, in which researchers analyzed data on 78,759 pre-menopausal women who were mostly in their mid-30s, when the study was started. This study spanned for about 22 years and in that time around 2,804 women reached menopause before the the age of 45, which is considered early. All these women reached menopause naturally and none because of hysterectomy, oophorectomy, radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

underweight woman early menopause

November 16, 2017

Thick Eyebrows For A Younger Look

Pencil thin eyebrows are definitely out! And no, it's not just because it's no longer the latest fad but also because it imparts a mature look to your face.  Our brains associate thick, groomed eyebrows with youthfulness. A fuller, thicker brow is mostly associated with the look of a younger looking person and a teenager. "When brows are thin and light, they make your features disappear, adding years to even the youngest looking face," says Damone Roberts, a celebrity eyebrow artist.  Bushy, straight and thick eyebrows is the most in-thing these days! Kareena Kapoor, Cara Delevingne and Penelope Cruz are all sporting this look. You can knock off a few years from your face by going for thick, bushy, dark but shapely eyebrows.

November 10, 2017

Rough Neck Massage May Cause Stroke

I was going through The Daily Mail, when this bit of news caught my attention. A man,  who used to have neck massages for more than thrice a week, in order to feel relaxed, suffered a stroke. Excerpts:

October 23, 2017

Does your stomach shrink if you eat less? Myth or Fact

No, your stomach cannot shrink if you eat less! Once you are an adult, the size of your stomach remains pretty much the same unless you take recourse to surgery to make it smaller. Moreover the stomach size in thin, medium or overweight individuals is nearly the same. However, if you eat enormous amounts, it can expand to accommodate your intake, but then it has to return to the normal size. If you diet for several days, your appetite may drop but not because your stomach has become smaller.

October 18, 2017

Happy Deepavali 2017

Ecard Image Credits.

May you all attain full inner illumination! May the supreme light of lights enlighten your understanding! May you all attain the inexhaustible spiritual wealth of the Self! May you all prosper gloriously on the material as well as spiritual planes!
- Anonymous

Read about the Diwali Traditional Oil Bath that is also great for your skin.

October 12, 2017

Depression - Recognize And Tackle It

World Mental Health Day was observed on Oct 10th, two days ago. Mental ill-health is much bigger now, maybe due to today’s fast paced, stress-filled life. Depression, a persistent feeling of sadness is something which is often overlooked, thinking that it’s a passing phase or that time will heal it and that one need not do anything about it! But the truth is that depressed people, in addition to family and friends’ support may also need professional help! A lingering feeling of sadness, gloominess, under-eating, overeating, not dressing well, not taking care of one’s appearance, not happy over any achievement, remaining isolated, avoiding company of people, marked change in behavior etc.are some obvious markers. Noticing these early signs of depression helps us respond quickly and more effectively. Also read Depression has negative effects on your body.

October 11, 2017

White Spots on Fingernails Indicate Calcium deficiency. - Fact or Myth?

White spots on fingernails do not indicate calcium deficiency, zinc deficiency or any other vitamin or mineral deficiency, though it worries people. The white spots on fingernails are called “leukonychia” and are very common. Usually they are a result of some minor injury to the base of your nails – for instance, very vigorous pressing with a nail cutter or other manicure tool and even nail biting. Even though the knocking or injury may have happened several weeks ago, the spots show up quite late ; so you may not even realize that this could be the cause. Sometimes white fingernail spots could also be a sign of allergic reaction to nail polish or nail hardeners and sometimes a symptom of mild infection. However these white spots on fingernails are temporary and will disappear once your nail grows out but this may take considerable time, even several months.

white spots on fingernails

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