May 26, 2013

7 Cellulite Creams That Actually Make a Difference

Tired of cellulite creams that don't live up to their claims? This new generation of tightening creams promise to erase the bad rep

7 Cellulite Creams That Actually Make a Difference
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It's time to face the truth about cellulite creams. They've been around for years, but do they actually get rid of cellulite? The truth is, no. But they do help hydrate the skin which makes cellulite appear less obvious and noticeable, and infuse the skin with caffeine for a tightening effect. Unfortunately, the long-term change is minimal. However, this year a new generation of cellulite creams have emerged. When used in conjunction with non-invasive procedures, these make a significant difference in cellulite and firmness. Click ahead to learn more about the products that might just change your mind about cellulite cream.

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