March 24, 2013

Beauty Products We Just Can't Kick

Beauty editors see hundreds (literally) of products each year, but these long-time editor favorites prove that "newer" doesn't always mean "better"

Beauty Products We Just Can't Kick

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Beauty editors need to know how to play the field. We'd love to settle down with our favorite trusty products, but being on top of the latest beauty trends means trying out new products on the regular, even if that involves tossing your latest fling aside. But at the end of the day, editors always run back to their favorites, like the trusty cleanser that stayed by our side during that horrible breakout, or the loyal conditioner that always knows how to console us after a coloring catastrophe. Click ahead to see the top five beauty products each Total Beauty Editor couldn't imagine life without.

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  1. We can't afford to go steady with any beauty product (no matter how amazing it ... These are the ones inspired by beautiful spring blooms that we picked just for face.


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