December 22, 2012

Dealing With Aging Hair - 5 Tips

You can't turn back the clock, but you can keep your hair looking young and healthy with these insider tips

5 Ways To Fight The Signs of Aging Hair

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If you're lucky, you may not be finding any gray stands just yet. But your hair might be showing other signs of aging, like loss in volume, less shine, and an increase in dryness and breakage. Stylists agree that it's important to understand why these changes are happening to your hair over time (genetics, biological changes, and styling are key factors) so you can find a solution. Check out these simple hair care tips that anyone can follow to slow down the signs of aging instantly.

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  1. Christina3:00 PM


  2. Someone told me that gray hairs is a sign of wisdom.
    gray hairs show that you are older and have gained wisdom through your life experiences

  3. . Aging isn't something you control, so accept it and focus on more important things.


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