May 6, 2012

Beauty Bloggers' Anti-Aging Secrets

From putting down that cigarette to making annual appointments with a dermatologist, there are plenty of ways you can start slowing down the aging process. Take a look at these insider tips from beauty bloggers  who have shared their secrets for staying gorgeous at every age. Amongst the various tips doled out, the one that's worth a mention is from  Alison Blackman, author of Advice Sisters. Alison's top tip for looking young is all about having the right attitude and outlook. Says she:

Beauty Bloggers Spill Their Anti-Aging Secrets

This is a anti-aging skin care article.

"Stay current and don't get stuck in a stereotypical role: mom, working woman, grandma, cougar, 'mature' woman. It's an important part of how you feel about yourself, which plays a bigger role in the way you look than you might believe."

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