April 7, 2012

Remove Facial Hair At Home The Easy Way

See the new DIY option that'll get rid of your hair fast

The Best Way to Remove Facial Hair at Home

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We've clocked hours in front of our vanity plucking errant hairs or waxing our own upper lip. The outcome? Red bumps and bad results. There has to be a better way. And there is. See this latest development in at-home facial hair removers. Our readers say it's a winner.

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  1. Expert10:11 AM

    some people say that turmeric help to get rid of unwanted hair.
    another home remedy- add very little water to pinch of besan and apply it on facial hair. when it will dry, rub off in the opposite direction of hair growth. it will not show result in one day. but after some day it may show result.
    use pumice stone. it will definitely work.


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