March 25, 2012

8 Best BB Creams - Beauty Editors' Choice

Beauty Balms are sweeping the nation. Find out which 8 are the ones worth trying

Beauty Editors' 8 Favorite BB Creams

It feels like every beauty company -- from drugstore to luxury brands -- is coming out with a BB cream these days. But who has the time to test them all? We do! And here, after months of trying every BB cream on the market, are the Total Beauty editors' favorites.

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  1. I'm also following the BB cream hype and I love it!

  2. I've been trying several of the BB Creams mentioned. The only one I consider a true BB cream with any benefits is Dr. Jart. The other's are more like tinted moisturizers. Even the sales lady that put some Estee Lauder BB cream on me said it was more like a tinted moisturizer and made me look washed out. Bosica too dark on my light skin. Read the comments at the article.


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