February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Giveaway - Win 5 Fabulous Products!

An awesome Valentine's Day Giveaway, just for all you lovely readers !!  You are all getting a chance to win fabulous products comprising of body care, hair care products, a workout DVD, men’s skin care products  and glamorous bangles. Before you jump to the entry form, take a look at the products and the description and go through the rules carefully!

1) Super Sculpting Bar Method DVD

The Bar Method Super Sculpting Workout
Super Sculpting Bar Method DVD
Bar Method founder Burr Leonard has packaged together the Bar Method's most fast-acting body-reshaping moves into one super-targeted 59-minute workout. The exercises include four sets of thigh work and the Bar Method's famous 'pretzel with the ball'.  Burr also utilizes the Bar Method ball to zero in on problem areas such as the inner thighs and seat. Burr's fellow performers are Chelsea Glavinovich, co-owner of the Walnut Creek and San Ramon Bar Method studios in San Francisco's East Bay. Keryun Dukellis and Mike Najjar are both teachers at the San Francisco's flagship Marina studio, and Tera Roth is a teacher at the Downtown San Francisco studio. If you want the quickest results possible, this is the workout for you! Price: $20

About The Bar Method www.thebarmethod.com
The Bar Method is full-body exercise program created by Burr Leonard. The workout utilizes a ballet bar fitness technique and draws from the principles of isometrics, dance conditioning, interval training, and physical therapy. The result is a noticeable “Bar Method” sculpted body featuring:
  • Firm, elongated muscles
  • Reduced body fat
  • High muscle definition in the chest
  • Improved posture
  • Long, narrow thighs
  • A lifted seat and defined hamstrings
  • Strong, flat abdominals
  • Increased stamina and energy
  • Extended youthfulness
(2) Two BombayFashions.com Bella Collection Bangles

About BombayFashions.com
BombayFashions.com is the largest online retailer for fashion jewelry and accessories headquartered in Michigan. It is a one-stop online shopping boutique that caters to the fashion needs of women. Since its inception Indian-inspired jewelry has been the backbone of the company and is the first original jeweler from Bombay. Today, BombayFashions.com offers the largest fashion jewelry collection available online. Recently, the company introduced the Bella Collection featuring a large selection of cuffs, bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces, scarves, skirts, tunics, handbags and more. BombayFashions.com offers on-trend fashion forward accessories and boasts one-of-a-kind pieces at prices that everyone can afford.
For more information, check out www.bombayfashions.com

(3) Trinity of Youth Brilliant FX Body Serum

About Brilliant FX Body Serum

BrilliantFx contains a high percentage of lactic acid at an effective pH and incorporates this key ingredient in a formula that is unlike any anti-aging body product on the market today.  “After noticing a void in the market for an effective anti-aging body treatment and potent moisturizer for dry, cracked or aging skin, we embarked on our mission to create this revolutionary body serum,” explains Diane Zokle, co-founder of Trinity of Youth. “By using naturally occurring medicinal agents that have been used for thousands of years, we can now offer our unique mixture that both alleviates dry, cracked skin and improves the appearance of aging skin on the body.”
In addition to lactic acid, BrilliantFx Body Serum is specially formulated with the powerful herbal ingredient arnica montana commonly known as wolf’s bane or leopard’s bane, a European flowering plant containing an active secondary plant metabolite sesquiterpene lactones, which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Flavanoids and essential oils theoretically act with the sesquiterpene lactones in Arnica montana to induce its therapeutic effects. 
The third distinctive key ingredient in the BrilliantFx Body Serum is vitamin E.  In terms of skin health and skin care, vitamin E benefits are numerous.   In fact, skin care products that contain vitamin e have become an essential part of healthy skin care.   Because of its antioxidant activity, vitamin e is vital in protecting skin cells from ultra violet light, pollution, drugs, and other elements that produce cell damaging free radicals.  The vitamin e benefits for healthy skin care also include its ability to regulate vitamin a in the body, which itself is important for healthy skin.   It helps skin look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, free radicals are believed to play an important role in skin aging and therefore the antioxidant activity is quite valuable for this skin problem.
BrilliantFx Body Serum is the first exfoliating and moisturizing body serum to introduce a skin-healing mixture of ingredients all in one bottle—lactic acid, Arnica montana, and vitamin E.  
Retail Cost: $39.99

(4) Pirri Hair Product Set

The Products: Pirri Elements & Elemental Tools: 
The Pirri Elements line was inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean “crystal blue” Sea, pure air, rich soil and fiery volcanoes.  Each product consists of Bergamot, an essential oil that comes from a fruit native Calabria, Italy, the hometown of the Pirri brothers.  The oil along with other essential and natural ingredients is used to nourish the hair and lock in moisture.
§ Daily Shampoo: Mediterraneo                     
o Contains essential ingredients to cleanse the hair while maintaining balance and moisture in all hair types.  The product normalizes the hair, scalp and PH balance while keeping the hair looking healthy and shiny.  Cost: $20/12oz.
§ Daily Conditioner: Earth’s Balance
o Restores moisture and smoothes the shaft of the hair while helping to combat humidity and static electricity.  The product works to coat the hair and protect it from the damaging effect of heat styling.  Cost: $22/12oz
§ Smooth & Relaxing Serum: Lava Glaze
o Relaxes the hair for a straight style or reduces frizz for a great natural air-dried look.  The combination of Aloe Vera along with other essential products, work to eliminate dead ends and protects hair from the damaging effect of blow drying and UV rays.  Cost: $24/8oz
§ Detangler & Leave-In Conditioner: Nature’s Breeze
o Smoothes tangles and mends dry ends while protecting the hair and reducing fly-aways.  The product is a must-have before heat styling. Cost: $22/8oz
About Pirri Hair Group
With over twenty years of experience, the Italian born Pirri brothers have mastered their craft in cuts, color and texture for women and men.  Piero and Luigi combine their expertise in international hair care and styles with contemporary finesse. Infusing European flair and talent, Piero and Luigi offer their unique hair styling philosophy and natural hair care products at their salons in Greenwich, Connecticut and New York.

(5) 1 Product from Hey Dude Skincare Line
Hey Dude Skin Care
About Hey Dude Skincare www.heydudeskincare.com
Hey Dude Skincare When it comes to how a man handles his physical appearance, any sane Dude will want grooming products that are easy to use, smell good, and keep him looking his best. The modern Dude knows that in order to compete for a good job, a hot girl, or anything else where appearance matters, that he needs products he can consistently count on to keep him looking young, vibrant, and ready for success. guys crave simplicity. Hey Dude Skincare has created the "Dudification" concept with the idea that savvy men won't fuss with lots of "girlie"  products that confuse them with fancy words and smell less than "masculine." Real Dudes want cool, hip products tailored to their own needs, not repackaged "girlie" products that are irrelevant to them, and even worse, cost a ton of dough to buy. Instead of producing just another re-packaged "me too" men's product line, Hey Dude has rolled out a line of products that reward a Dude's craving for a simple skincare system, rather than insult and confuse him with dozens of overpriced products he's too busy to understand or have time to use. Hey Dude has combined functions like blending a deep facial cleanser with a superior shave gel in their Dude Cleansing Shave Gel. The Dude Wash goes even further by combining body wash, shampoo and shave gel with not one, but two proven pheromones. Not only will a Dude get himself super clean, but super sexy at the same time! Isn't that what simplicity and efficiency is all about?

Rules of the Contest
Mandatory Entry
You have to fill the  Rafflecopter form and fulfill any one of the conditions from (1) to (11)

Other Entries
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

I've used  Rafflecopter for this giveaway. It's extremely easy to use.  If you have any doubts, do contact me or drop a comment on this post.

Imp Note:
Fulfilling **any ONE** of the conditions listed above  is absolutely neccessary for your entry to be valid.  Do as many or as few as you want! The more conditions you fulfill, more are your chances of winning. Enter all the information carefully and correctly.  Also please leave a comment on this blog post after you complete this entry form. But  please keep in mind that a comment will NOT be considered as an entry. You will have to **fill the form** to qualify for the contest. **Only US readers** are eligible.  The giveaway ends on Mar 4, 2012 and is open to entrants in the 50 United States only.  One lucky winner will be chosen through random.org and gets to win all the 6 products. The results will be announced on Mar 5, 2012.


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  4. Leah, thanks for letting me know. I have deleted that particular entry from Rafflecopter.

  5. Thank you so much for a chance to win.

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