April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

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  1. Karen8:56 AM

    Have an extraordinarily joyful Easter!

  2. Diana8:57 AM

    Let God keeps you away from evil tongues, sudden misfortune, clever enemies and small-minded friends! Happy Easter!

  3. Christina8:59 AM

    Easter is a celebration of humanity, a day full of strong emotions and holy love.

  4. May God give you all the best of the best, all the joyful and cozy!

  5. Andrew9:04 AM

    For the amazing Easter we wish you to be always healthy, happy and loved.

  6. Priya9:16 AM

    If all our deeds would be pleasing to God, with each passing day we’ll become stronger and stronger. Happy Easter!

  7. Madhavi9:45 AM

    Easter Blessings. May His peace fill your heart, His love fill your life. Happy Easter.

  8. Satya9:46 AM

    Happy Easter. May your heart be filled with hope in this season of miracles.

  9. Manasa9:46 AM

    “May God grant you special happiness At this time of wonderful occasion. Happy Easter ”

  10. Jyoti9:47 AM

    Easter is a promise God
    Renews to us in each spring.
    May the promise of Easter
    Fill your heart with peace and joy!
    Happy Easter!


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