April 17, 2011

Botox for hair loss?

Botox is now a common enough anti-wrinkle procedure that it's practically a household name, but you've never seen it being used like this …
5 New Uses for Botox
So, if it's not just for wrinkles, what else is Botox being used for? We knew about Botox being used for excessive sweating, eyelid twitching, drooping eyelid syndrome, correcting a gummy smile, piles and for migraines. But Botox for thinning hair and hair loss! That's news to me!
Dr. Simon Ourian, a Los Angeles-based cosmetic surgeon, has incorporated his combination of Botox and special hair-growth vitamins into the menu of services offered at his Beverly Hills clinic. What's generated a lot of excitement over Botox as a baldness treatment is the assertion that it can help actually re-grow hair -- a claim that none of the leading remedies like Rogaine and Propecia, which solely prevent further hair loss, can make. Read more...


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