November 3, 2010

Happy Diwali!

Wishing you all a very Happy & Prosperous Diwali! May this festival of lights bring prosperity & happiness in your lives.

If all these days you were taking a  bath in a hurry, then Diwali eve's just the time when you have to indulge in that luxury called oil-bath too rejuvenate your skin and prep yourself for the 3-4 days long festivities ahead.

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  1. R. J.5:11 PM

    You are the light of my Life...
    I wish the full of Smile
    Diwali for you
    Happy Diwali

  2. Madhavi5:12 PM

    Wish you a sparking
    and glowing Diwali
    On this Diwali may god shower
    his blessings and love on you...

  3. May this divine festival
    make your heart bloom.
    Wish a very happy and
    Prosperous Diwali

  4. Madhuri5:13 PM

    May Goddess Lakshmi Drive away Darkness
    and spread brightness all around you on
    this Diwali and always...
    Diwali The Festival of Light
    Happy Diwali

  5. Preeti5:16 PM

    Wish YOU to a very Happy & Prosperous Deepavali :)

  6. Smriti5:17 PM

    This Festival may illuminate
    your days in the year ahead...
    hoping it brings Success and Happiness
    Happy Diwali

  7. Sandhya5:17 PM

    Wish you a sparking
    and glowing Diwali
    On this Diwali may god shower
    his blessings and love on you...
    Happy Diwali

  8. Satish5:19 PM

    Hope this Diwali brings contentment to your life
    along with the doorway to success.

  9. Jyothi5:19 PM

    May this divine festival
    make your heart bloom.
    Wish a very happy and
    Prosperous Diwali

  10. Shilpa5:25 PM

    Hai Roshni ka ye Tyohar
    Laye Har Chehre par Muskaan
    Sukh aur Samridhi ki Bahaar
    Samet lo Saari Khushiyan
    Apno ka Saath aur Pyar
    Is Pawan Avsar par
    Aap sab ko Diwali ka pyar.

  11. Shubha5:28 PM

    Jagmag Thali Sajao
    Mangal Deepo ko Jalao
    Apne Gharo aur Dilo main Asha ki Kiran Jagao
    Khushali aur Samridhi se bhara ho apka jeevan
    Isi Kamna ke Saath Shubh Deepawali.

  12. Madhura5:35 PM

    May This Diwali be as bright as ever.
    May this Diwali bring joy, health and wealth to you.
    May the festival of lights brighten up you and your near and dear ones lives.
    May this Diwali bring in u the most brightest and choicest happiness and love you have ever Wished for.
    May this Diwali bring you the utmost in peace and prosperity.
    May lights triumph over darkness.
    May peace transcend the earth.
    May the spirit of light illuminate the world.
    May the light that we celebrate at Diwali show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony

  13. Kirthy5:35 PM

    May the festival of lights be the harbinger of joy and prosperity. As the holy occasion of Diwali is here and the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of mirth and love, here’s hoping this festival of beauty brings your way, bright sparkles of contentment, that stay with you through the days ahead.
    Best wishes on Diwali and New year.

  14. Geeta5:36 PM

    As the candlelight flame,
    Ur life may always be happiness’ claim;
    As the mountain high,
    U move without sigh;
    like the white linen flair,
    Purity is always an affair;
    As sunshine creates morning glory,
    fragrance fills years as flory;
    with the immaculate eternal smile,
    attached to u mile after mile;
    All darkness is far away,
    As light is on its way;
    Wish all of u a very happy diwali.

  15. * This diwali tumko mile
    Rathore ki Aim
    Film stars ka Fame
    Game show ka Jackpot
    Hit film mein ek spot
    Jadoo ki chhari
    lots of crackers aur phuljhari
    sab ka dher saara pyar aur dosti
    and lots n lots of fun n masti
    Wishing u a very HAPPY DIWALI!

  16. Shivani5:38 PM

    May the warmth and splendor, that are a part of this auspicious occasion, fill your life with happiness and bright cheer, and bring to you joy and prosperity, for the whole year.

  17. Shanta5:39 PM

    There’s always something warm and bright, about this time of the year, when everything has a special glow, and hearts are full of cheer, that’s why, this special greeting comes your way, to wish you all life’s best, on Diwali and in the coming year, too.


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