September 11, 2010

Haircare & Hairstyle Tips from Total Beauty

Check out these articles for hair that looks like a million bucks...
haircare and hairstyle tips

Hair SOS
Find out how to rescue your hair now. These tips will help you see what your hair really needs -- whether it's dry, frizzy, damaged or whatnot. See tips Hairstyle Basics
Did you flunk beauty school? Time to revisit Classic Hairstyles 101 with this handy guide. Hairstyle trends come and go, but the classics -- they're here to stay. See how to give yourself the perfect blow out, curls, ponytail and bun.
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9 Office-Friendly Hairstyles
Look put-together for work by copying these stars' styles.
The best part about these hairstyles? They can be done in minutes.
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Hair Inspiration
Check out 5 celeb-inspired 'dos. See five of the best hairdos from four different celebs. Then, find out how to get your fave look with these simple steps.
See hairstyles  Fall Beauty Guide: Simple Ways to Revamp Your Hairstyle
Get tips that'll help you transition your 'do into this season. Celeb hair pro gives you easy peasy ways to take your hair from summer to fall in a snap.
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  1. With the current situation protecting the hair is not an easy task but hair is one of the elements which enhances the beauty. These tips are remarkable.


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