July 3, 2010

Style Tips: Reader's contribution

Style tips for looking and feeling better...

* If you don't have money to spend on a fancy evening dress, wear a simple dress, but accessorize it with kick-ass jewelry. Works like charm.
* Dig into your grandmother's jewelry box for authentic vintage jewelry.
* For a makeover that's quick and inexpensive, change your hairstyle. If you always wear your hair down, tie it up, change the parting and try on some accessories. It's painless and effective.
* Don't be a fashion victim. Don't buy and wear everything you see in stores. Especially all of it together. Stop and think if it suits you and your personal style.

* Stuck with a dull dress that you've to wear? Make it striking and sexy with a funky handbag or kooky sandals.
(Contributed by Kirthy Dias)

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  1. o get your hairs to look like miley cyrus's use a straightner. i will try and explain how to do this tho it takes some practice
    take a normal section from the root slide down the hair from root to tip twisting the straightners as you go, the tighter you twist the tighter the curl and the looser the twist the looser the curl, i am a hairdresser and this is how i do it
    good look and please remember to protect your hair to prevent damage and also the curl will stay in longer ghd do a good one for curling with their straightners its called iron spray and will hold your curl till you next shampoo but dont get it mixed with iron oil for straigtening, will warn you the spray will leave your hair feeling dry but it will hold the curl

  2. unknown8:44 AM

    I don't eat meat or dairy/eggs. This alone has given me a complexion girls would die for!

  3. Santoshi8:44 AM

    I put moisturizer in my hand and feet mitts and wear them to bed to keep the skin soft and feeling nice
    I also use extra virgin olive oil to remove make-up and revitalize my skin

  4. Anonymous8:46 AM

    instead of toner, use natural rose water as toner. It is very good for skin.
    Spray perfume in the air (at your body level) and walk through it, this way it would spread well all over your clothes and last longer.

  5. Dolly8:46 AM

    Don't use a lipstick for more than 8 months, bacteria develops in it and it is harmful for health.
    In fact, make sure you buy lipstick with no or very less lead content, as it causes cancer.

  6. unknown8:47 AM

    Always apply your moisturiser in upwards sweeping motions. Dragging it down your face will only cause skin to sag. A mini massage will boost circulation too, so rub in the cream in circular motions.
    If you’ve overdone the fake tan, don’t panic! Look for body lotions that contain alpha and beta hydroxyl acids like Palmers Skin Smoothing Lotion. It boosts the speed that skin exfoliates.

  7. unknown8:50 AM

    In full cloths,a lady can be more sexy which is respected by every body.So you can look sexy in full cloths.

  8. Vaidehi9:19 AM

    Thanks for sharing this tip with us


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