July 20, 2010

A George Clooney Smile is Just a Snap Away

If you are a singer that is known by one name only, like Madonna and Jewel, then you can somehow swing a successful career while embracing your teeth imperfections. If you are a regular person that goes by two (or even three) names, chances are you'll have a tougher time justifying that small gap between your teeth or that adorable snaggle tooth. The problem is that as an adult, investing your time and money into braces - or any other kind of orthodontic treatment for that matter – is not all that appealing. In fact, braces can be downright embarrassing over the age of twenty. So now you're faced with a choice: swallow your pride or live with your imperfections, right? Wrong. There is one more choice that might be appealing to you (and to people that have a little bit of dentaphobia): Get a Snap On Smile.
A Snap On Smile is your ticket to a “perfect” smile without all the work. It does exactly what the name suggests: snaps on over your existing teeth. It is custom made for your mouth with different “smile designs” and even shades of whiteness so you can get the most natural look. It is strong enough to eat with but thin enough that it doesn't bother your gums. And if you feel like channeling your inner Madonna and rocking your gap, just take the Snap On Smile off. It comes on and off like any dental appliance. The Snap On Smile can be a good option for people that are contemplating more permanent teeth solutions too, like veneers. It allows them to see what life would be like with a more ideal smile before they commit to actually having their teeth shaved down and replaced. And it is way more affordable. Oh, and back to the dentaphobia thing, a Snap On Smile requires no surgery or drilling of any kind so no need to be nervous about getting a new smile. Sounds pretty good, right? Start practicing saying, “Cheese!”

You can even request Snap on Smiles molded from teeth of your favorite celebs, like George Clooney or Denzel Washington. The possibilities are endless.

(Guest Post by Eli Kahn)


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