July 24, 2010

Budget Beauty Tips

These budget-friendly tips & products are your means to cosmetic and financial bliss.
Budget Beauty Tips
Budget beauty tips and tricks
Deep conditioning treatment for hair - the inexpensive way
Your hair needs moisture. You might as well do it constantly and save yourself an expensive hair mask treatment later on. Opt for smaller, less expensive hair masks or deep conditioning masks once a week. If that's not possible, rinse your hair with beer that has been kept in a glass overnight. It conditions and gives a great shine! An alternative is Mustard oil. A few drops evenly spread through your wet hair and rinsed off thoroughly will give it delicious suppleness.
(Contributed by Dhanya)
Get More Bang for the Beauty Buck
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Budget Beauty Aisle Finds
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  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Do deep conditioning hair treatments work?

  2. yes deep conditioners work very well. after shampooing your hair with warm water, rinse it with warm water, squeeze off excess water and apply conditioner. some leave conditioner on for 30 minutes, some for a few minutes. guess it depends on your hair type and the type of conditioner. then when you get ready to rinse it out you need to use cool or cold water.

  3. unknown8:59 AM

    Homemade Deep conditioning hair treatment?

  4. Vaishali8:59 AM

    eggs!! beat them really like your gonna scramble them and pour them into your hair. let it sit for 2-5 minutes and rinse in COLD water (so you don't have scrambled eggs in your hair!) if you want you can pop it in a blender with a banana too. putting a shower cap on your hair also helps. and finally i've heard about putting mayonnaise in hair.

  5. Anonymous9:03 AM

    What's the best "bang for your buck" beauty product you've gotten from eBay, or anywhere online?

  6. unknown9:04 AM

    Watch out buying makeup or perfume online. A lot of time they are fake or diluted. MAC cosmetics is the number one thing to watch out for, 9 times out of 10 if you are buying a "MAC" product on eBay it is fake.

  7. purity lover3:37 PM

    I cannot say enough about Purity 12's product like the SP beauty lift-instant face lift wrinkle serum. My skin stays hydrated the whole day, and I mean so soft and glowing! I am so into all their products and hope they never stop making them. My face looks ten years younger and no wrinkles at all! Try it now!

  8. Bleach your own teeth. Do your own manicure at home by buying a kit.Make your own hair spray.Use your kitchen to fight skin problems. To look natural and if you are fair, avoid concealer foundation and go in for a lightweight tinted moisturizer.


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