March 14, 2010

Best Products For Oily Hair

Since I have extremely oily hair that becomes totally unmanageable in summer, the following article from Total Beauty caught my attention. So if you have oily hair like me, please go through it, it will help you choose the right kind of products for your greasy hair.
Are you part of the "I hate my oily hair" club? Well now you can cancel your membership. We've got the best products and remedies to keep your hair under control -- everything from clarifying shampoos that get rid of oily build-up to thickening mousse that helps your thin, oily hair look fuller.
Best Products For Oily Hair average reader rating: 8.1 "It gives the hair some "tooth" so it's not slippery …" average reader rating: 8.2 "It doesn't weigh down my thick hair, perks up my roots, and lasts …" average reader rating: 8.4 "Makes my hair feel deep down clean without stripping the natural oils …" 
Want to see what other products made the list? Click here!

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  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Controlling the oils on your scalp is very beneficial if you scalp is overly greasy. This is because most if the imbalance in the scalp is from excess oil or excess cholesterol in the scalp and this leads to conditions such as dandruff, certain versions of itchy scalp, scalp dermatitis and much more.


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