January 27, 2010

Clinique's Perfectly Real Compact

Retain your skin's natural looking finish with Clinique's Perfectly Real Compact. This light-weight formula claims to immediately help your skin neutralize the appearance of redness and minimize the appearance of pores. It aims at delivering a perfect complexion without making your skin look or feel dry or powdery giving your skin a shine-controlling finish. This range offers around 20 skin-enhancing shades to suit everyone's skin tones. You can buy it from here.

Clinique Perfectly Real Compact

Smitha's review:
I really do like this powder; it makes my face look flawless. One of my friends gifted this to me (shade 130 (N) ) . I wear it over my foundation or sunscreen. It's great to cover up light blemishes and spots, but not the prominent ones, but yes, it does give you a natural look. It's definitely eliminates shine, leaving you with a soft and smooth matte finish. It's not that long-wearing though and you need to reapply it after 1-2 hours. And I think if you have an oily skin, it comes off more quickly. But in spite of all that, I think it's a  nice one for shine-control and a matte finish look.
(Guest Post by Smitha)


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  1. Divya9:39 AM

    It works really good
    Ive used it before
    I think it works better than other stuff

  2. Anonymous9:42 AM

    be careful what to use if your skin is sensitive. when using foundation always try a bit on your face and if it looks like it disappeared as though you didn't put it, use it. Careful, don't put on too much because in direct light everyone will see a round mask of different color on your face especially if its color doesn't match your skin. powder foundation.....rimmell is really good but the best is nee makeup.

  3. Sumedha8:13 AM

    Thank you for this thorough review


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