October 12, 2009

Chambor Hydra Max Skincare Solutions

Chambor introduces Hydra Max Skincare Solutions with natural extracts of moisture-boosting aloe vera and white lily to keep your skin soft, supple, fresh and radiant. Developed with advanced technology that blends together substances of high moisture levels, each product enables instant moisture absorption into skin. The delicate floral fragrance to soothe the senses is a lovely bonus!

Chambor Hydra Max Skincare Solutions
  • Hydra Max Liquid Cleansing Foam, Rs 350/-
  • Hydra Max Gentle Nourishing Softener, Rs 395/-
  • Hydra Max Essential Day Moisturizer, Rs 450/-
  • Hydra Max Enriched Night Cream, Rs. 495/-
  • Hydra Max Eye Renewal Cream, Rs. 375/-
(Guest Post by Smitha)


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  1. Chetana9:47 AM

    I will have to try this:

  2. I tried it, liked it a lot--very light and fresh.

  3. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Such a wonderful post. Very interesting.
    Hope to see more from you. Have a good day.

  4. Nishana10:46 PM

    The products are really good for sensitive skin....I have a very sensitive and problematic skin....but this just worked wonders....ive been using it for 1 week now....and already my skin has started to clear up...and it feels so soft! :)


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