August 24, 2009

Malibu Secret:Review


Yes, it’s a fact that that aging sets in as early as mid-twenties. So it’s a good idea to begin pampering your skin and moisturizing it regularly once you are on the wrong side of twenties. True, you have begun using anti-aging face creams and serums to regain the original elasticity, smoothness and suppleness, but what about the skin on your body? You cannot afford to neglect it, the skin on the neck and hands, especially can give away your age if you didn't have the time to attend to it. An oil-bath once a week is a terrific way to moisturize your skin and keep it smooth and supple for years to come. On other days, you can rely on body-creams such as Malibu secret.

Malibu secret Body Treatment is an innovative anti aging body-cream designed to repair and replenish using a potent combination of botanicals, anti-oxidants, various butters, malibu secretand a multitude of vitamins. Some complex ingredients that are included in this cream are Thymulen 4 , a highly purified, biomimetic peptide that stimulates the skin's immune defenses and regenerates the epidermal profile, Bois 11, which repairs the skin barrier, helps with hydration, and skin suppleness, AUTO DEFENSE COMPLEX – A composition of Hibiscus Flower Extract, Ferula Assa Foetide Root Extract, Pear Fruit Extract, and Green Tea Leaf Extract which together enhance the skin’s ability to defend against damaging free-radicals and DERMOX SRC – A composition of Bamboo Silica, Pea Extract and Glucosamine HCL that helps the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, and induces cell proliferation. For a full list of ingredients click here. This cream is supposed to improve skin suppleness and texture, promote free radical protection and intensely hydrate and moisturize your skin.

The skin on my body hasn’t yet started showing any noticeable signs of aging, but it’s never too late to start using a wonderful anti-aging product such as Malibu secret. I have started using it since last few weeks. A few hours before hitting the pillow, I slathered it on my neck, arms and legs, particularly concentrating of my rough elbows and knees. The lotion is fairly thick, but sinks into the skin quite easily leaving no greasy feeling afterwards and a very little of it is required for quite a large area. I always dislike strong scents; but this one has a pleasant floral smell which I liked very much. I’ve not used it for a considerable period of time to comment on its anti-aging capabilities, (some days due to sheer laziness I did not apply this cream) but definitely for the couple of weeks that I tried it, I can say for sure that it left my skin feeling smooth,nourished, velvety-soft and well-looked after. Thanks to this cream, even the rough, patchy skin on my elbows and knees have disappeared.

If you'd like to try this out for yourself, you can buy directly online from here.


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  1. Thanks for the review. I will try this product..

  2. Ahalya8:37 AM

    Your always showing great stuff.Thanks

  3. Suchita8:43 AM

    Hey Aparna - This body lotion sounds good. I am always hot!! It is really warm .

  4. Peppermint Face Pack
    You would need one teaspoon of peppermint extract, one teaspoon of witch hazel extract, 125grams of brewer's yeast and one teaspoon of lemon juice.
    Mix all the ingredients together. Apply on the face, forehead and relax by lying horizontally keeping the eyes closed. Leave it for 30 minutes.
    Then wash off with lukewarm water containing a little of lemon juice.
    This face pack is very good for patchy skin. It is also good for improving blood circulation.


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