July 29, 2009

LashMantra Eyelash Growth Serum Giveaway Reminder


For those haven't, this post is a reminder to enter LashMantra Eyelash Growth Serum Giveaway which ends on July 31, 2009.

LashMantra-Eyelash Growth Serum


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  1. Hi...

    It sounds so easy to use...I can't wait to try it!

  2. Hi Patti, please comment on this post for entering the contest.

  3. Thanks 4 the opportunity 2 win

  4. Madhavi9:42 AM

    Excellent site... keep up the good work.

  5. I really like your blog! It's a life siver but i have to say this:
    Eyelash-thickening drops
    Why use them: Newly approved by the FDA, the drug Latisse promises thicker eyelashes. Latisse is actually a lower-dose version of Lumigan, a drug that's been used to treat glaucoma since 2001. Longer, thicker lashes were a surprising side-effect for those patients.
    The problem: Itching and redness may hamper your ability to make the most of those newly lush lashes. In addition, Latisse may darken the skin on your eyelids or turn irises brown—permanently—not good news for anyone who really values their baby-blues. And, like with many drugs, Latisse may not be a good choice for pregnant or nursing women. The National Institutes of Health reports the active ingredient in Latisse is associated with low birth weights and miscarriage in studies on mice and rats. While this doesn't necessarily mean Latisse is dangerous for human fetuses, there haven't been any good studies so far. Fact is, we just don't know right now whether Latisse is safe for pregnant women or not.

  6. Nalini9:21 AM

    I tried it liked it a lot-


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