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July 15, 2009

Aloe Lavender Body Lotion from Ayur

Try Aloe Lavender Body Lotion from Ayur. It has amazing  natural ingredients like aloevera extracts and Lavender in it. Aloevera nourishes the skin wonderfully to make it soft and supple, while Lavender tones it perfectly and restores a naturally radiant and youthful appearance, apart from invigorating the senses with a defined aroma. It is suggested that you should apply it all over your body whenever you feel like pampering and mollycoddling your skin.

Aloe Lavender Body Lotion from Ayur

Aloe Lavender Body Lotion from Ayur

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  1. Lavender is a great natural form of stress-relief. It is calming and relaxing. So maybe this is best if you are under a lot of stress or is you want to put the lotion on before bed.Aloe Vera helps to protect and calm sensitive skin. (I use Aloe Vera because I have sensitive skin)

  2. Nayana8:42 AM

    Love your site! Keep up the good work!

  3. Vaishnavi12:28 PM

    This looks great! I just found your blog and will be sure to follow you. I am hoping to hear lots more on natural beauty products, thanks

  4. Shreeya12:15 PM

    I’m going to try out.

  5. What a great product!

  6. Nikhita8:30 AM

    Thank you for doing this review, I thought you covered a lot of good points. Really want to purchase this but would need to see this on someone before making a decision. =)

  7. Lavender --This beautiful flowers properties include: relaxant, antispasmodic, tonic for the nervous system, antibacterial, analgesic, and antiseptic. It's a mood lifter.


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