June 9, 2009

Everyuth Derma Care Face Wash


It seems you can get a lighter skin just by washing your face with this face cleanser. That’s what Derma Care Light and Clear Face Wash from Everyuth claims to do -- a flawless, clear and light complexion if you use it regularly to cleanse your face. With active mili capsules, it is specially formulated to rid the skin of impurities and improve the complexion. Apparently, these unique Mili Capsules contain Natural Kojic Acid and saffron, which get absorbed deeply into the facial skin to effectively cleanse out impurities and lighten your complexion. While kojic acid is an internationally acclaimed skin-lightening agent, the efficacy of saffron as a complexion enhancer and an effective skin-lightener is mentioned in Ayurvedic texts. Furthermore, the fruit PHAs (Poly Hydroxy Acids) in this face wash have advanced hydrating and moisturising properties that provide natural nourishment to the skin. All this appears promising, but does this product actually live up to the claims? No idea, but if any of you have used it, please leave your experiences in the comments below.

Derma Care Light and Clear Face Wash

Everyuth Derma Care Light and Clear Face Wash


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  1. Bhakti11:50 AM

    Thanks for these very useful advices. I would try to follow. :-)

  2. Apoorva8:50 AM

    Sounds like it is worth trying.

  3. Sahiti8:52 AM

    I love it too!

  4. Manohar9:16 AM

    I like Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser. it has 10% benzoyl peroxide which really helps clear up acne. i also like Clean & Clear Daily Pore cleanser


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