May 4, 2009

Ayur Peel-off face packs

Peel-off face packs are just right for summer months; they get rid of all that accumulated grime and oiliness, stimulate blood circulation and refresh your facial skin in minutes. EverYuth Orange Peel-Off Skin Vitaliser, Everyuth golden glow peel-off face pack and Himalaya almond cucumber Peel-off face mask are few face packs that are quite good. You could also try 2 of Ayur’s peel-off face packs – Lemon peel-off face mask and Apricot and Honey peel-off face mask.

Ayur Lemon peel-off face mask

Ayur Lemon peel-off face maskLemon’s a great beauty aid and lemon juice/lemon peel powder and as an ingredient in face masks is great for oily skins as it helps control excess sebum secretion. Lemon peel-off mask stirs up blood circulation, recharges tired and dull skin and brings a glow to your face.

Ayur apricot and honey peel-off face mask

Ayur apricot and honey peel-off face maskIf your skin is rather dry, then lemon peel-off face pack may prove to be a bit harsh, so try this apricot and honey peel-off face mask. This face mask combines the moisturizing effect of apricot and honey and rejuvenates and nourishes your skin gently.


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  1. Ketaki9:57 AM

    Firms, tightens and rejuvenates the facial skin and keeps it young. Imparts natural glow. A cooling Fruit Pack that cleans clogged pores and removes blackheads and deeply embedded impurities. Restores your skin's elasticity and improves skin texture. Helps control blemishes and blackheads and minimizes wrinkles

  2. The peel sounds good, but I am not loving the packaging.

  3. Snehal10:23 AM

    Helpful review!

  4. Rachana8:14 AM

    oooo ayayyaaa! i want them all!!!!!!!


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