April 24, 2009

Ayur Green Apple and Honey Face Gel: Review

Ayur Green Apple and Honey Face GelI’ve loved using Everyuth granular face wash (Read review); it’s mild and doesn’t strip my skin dry. Another product that’s quite similar to this one is Ayur Green Apple and Honey Face Gel. It’s mentioned that this particular gel contains green apple which has a rich supply of vitamins, minerals and honey that’s simply a wonderful natural ingredient that soothes, moisturizers and refreshes the skin and also helps with acne. Furthermore it has the goodness of menthol which helps in keeping the skin cool and fresh. Overall it’s an ideal product for all skin types in summer months.

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  1. Throughout the centuries, legendary beauties have used honey as part of their skin and hair care treatments. The famous queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, is describes as a woman of exceptional beauty. History informs us that Cleopatra used a mixture of fresh milk and honey in her bath. The legendary queen of the Nile maintained her skin soft, smooth and shiny owing to the skin-enhancing qualities of honey.

  2. Vijaya9:23 AM

    I'll try it!


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