March 9, 2009

Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit : Review


The Ultimate Personal Shaver promises no nicks, no cuts, just perfectly smooth skin-and it makes good on it. I ordered one on their website, as a friend told me she loved it, and that this was much easier than shaving and is pain free unlike waxing. Once home, I opened up the box and there was a trimmer, shaver, powder, some cute stencils and brushes. They recommend not to have wet skin and to do this before a shower, which I did.

I decided to try it on my legs first, and when there was no pulling or cuts, I tried my bikini area. I noticed the trimmer wasn’t going well, so I added some powder with the big brush, and it dried up my skin so the trimmer went across like a breeze (and make sure you go with the growth of hair, it goes much better). Once I got a patch of hair gone, I tried the shaver. The instructions were clear that the shaver would only cut the hair I trimmed-and it was true! I added the extra powder as instructed and the shaver was amazing! It took all the hair I trimmed down to almost nothing! My skin was smooth and it didn’t hurt, so I finished the entire area.

I tried the stencils at another point to surprise my husband, and it was very easy as all you do is trim the hair around the stencil and the shaver takes the rest down. This is great if you just want a strip of hair as well, as you make the lines, trim the excess hair and shave the rest.
It is a little time consuming in the beginning, but that is because the trimming can take awhile the first time. Once it’s trimmed it’s a matter of keeping it up. To keep that very smooth feel, the shaver has to be used at least every couple of days, if not everyday. Although waxing lasts longer and completely removes the hair, I liked I could do this at home and make designs or shave as little or as much as I wanted. Its great for the legs as well…I always cut myself on my ankles when shaving, but I don’t with my shaver. And the hair has been growing back a little less bushy, which has been great.

It’s also very easy to clean. The back of the trimmer comes off easily and the shaver has a twist cap foil and blade. The little brush cleans away any hair and powder on them. Although I haven’t had to use it, there is a year warranty, and according to their websites reviews, the people who have had to have been taken care of. I rate the Ultimate Personal Shaver 5 out of 5, as I will never go back to using a razor, especially on my bikini line. I feel very safe with this and will continue to use it.

Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit
Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit  (

(Guest Post by Lirpa1377)


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  1. Meghana4:44 PM

    "All together, a much more pleasant experience than waxing, and much better results than wet shaving."

  2. Mahalashmi5:02 PM

    I am very happy with my purchase of the Ultimate Personal Shaver. I use it regularly and rarely need to change the batteries. Plus, my skin has never felt softer!

  3. Ive tried almost every method of hair removal and always ended up with ingrown hairs. Ultimate gives me the close shave I want without the bumps and irritation. Absolutely brilliant!

  4. Saudarya5:23 PM

    I tried out the Finishing Shaver on my arms, and it did remove the short hairs but takes some time getting used to as I felt I was using a lint shaver on my arm! LOL [...] The Personal Trimmer is great for perhaps smaller areas that just need minor trimming, such as the upper lip area, or even stray eyebrow hairs.


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