March 23, 2009

Fiama Di Wills Skinsense Soap

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is the brand ambassador of Fiama Di Wills Skinsense

I haven’t tried Fiama Di Wills Skinsense soap as yet. But it’s being promoted in a big way, these days. Currently it’s endorsed by actor Deepika Padukone. ITC general manager Sandeep Kaul supporting his company’s choice of its brand ambassador says, "The Fiama Di Wills Brand personality is that of today's modern, confident, intelligent and aware woman. Deepika is the perfect embodiment of this personality."

How is Fiama Di Wills Skinsense soap any different from an ordinary soap? ITC claims that ordinary soaps tend to wash away the precious proteins from the skin, making it dry and lifeless over time. Formulated with unique plant derived complex, Fiama Di Wills Skinsense is a mild green colored soap that improves retention of proteins on the skin’s surface to give 6pro care. 6 Pro proteins keep the skin Moisturized, Youthful, Radiant, Supple, Even toned and Smooth. Other features: the soap packaging has been developed by a leading European design firm and the fragrance has been developed by an international house in France. The soap is available in 100 g priced at Rs. 40/- and 70 g priced at Rs.30/-.

Fiama Di Wills Skinsense Soft Green Soap

Fiama Di Wills Skinsense Soft Green Soap

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  1. Vijaya8:37 AM

    WOW i love this soap.

  2. Sapna8:34 AM

    I've always wanted to try their products!

  3. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Oh this sounds fabulous!!

  4. Mandira10:07 AM

    Can't wait to hear about the results!

  5. Sounds wonderful.


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