February 26, 2008

Striped clothes make you look taller/shorter

We all have read these things in fashion magazines -- People who have short and broad necks should not wear close necked or high-collared outfits. A woman with fat arms should avoid wearing sleeveless outfits. A person with a big stomach should take care not to wear figure-hugging clothes. vertical striped dressA tall person should wear clothes with horizohorizontal striped dressntal stripes while a shorter person will look better in vertical stripes.If you ever wanted to know how clothes with stripes can create an illusion of height or width, then here's it:
“Your eyes want to follow lines, and since lines pull your gaze from one spot to another, they make the space along the line seem physically longer. Therefore, vertical lines tend to make things look taller, while horizontal lines tend to make things look wider.”

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  1. Tapasya9:13 AM

    Avoid trendiness. While there’s nothing wrong with owning a few trendy items of clothes, too much trendiness can make you look like you’re trying to dress too young and will make your wardrobe go out of style super fast.


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