October 16, 2007

Another homemade hand lotion or cream

applying hand lotionBeautiful hands are an asset. To preserve their beauty and smoothness, and to minimize the effects of prolonged sun exposure and ageing, you need to moisturize and nourish them regularly with a good quality hand cream or lotions like these homemade Satin hand cream or Almond hand cream . Or you could try some of these Homemade hand lotions .

Here’s another simple, inexpensive recipe to prepare a hand lotion.

2 tablespoons glycerin
2 tablespoons corn flour
1 cup rose water (gulab jal)

Heat glycerin on medium heat and gradually add corn flour to it so that the mixture gets thick. Remove this thick mixture from the heat and add rose water to it. Keep stirring it for about 10 minutes. Allow it to cool and store it in a glass bottle in the refrigerator. Slather on this cream on your hands and arms regularly for smoothness.

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  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I sprung for a small jar of burts bees honey and almond hand cream. When i opened it I couldn't believe how good it smelled and when i put it on it felt kind of thick but massaged into the cuticals it was great even tried it on my hubbys rough hands and it helped. about $5-6 @ CVS. I just finished that one and have to go buy another. When you put it on remember that it will take a little while to absorb into the skin.

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Personally I use Almond Oil Raw almond oil is a lot thicker than the type made to be a lotion so you don't have to use a lot which is good because both can be rather expensive. You can also use Vaseline intensive care body lotion, it's also great if you get the "refreshing" type with aloe. Gives a nice cooling sensation to the skin! If you have regular(not sensitive or abnormally dry) Jergens is a cheaper alternative that works well. I have Eczema(full body including scalp) and Almond oil has been the best thus far! :) Just a last tip, if you use almond oil just for your hands, use a dime amount or you'll have oil residue left over)

  3. Anonymous10:23 AM

    St Ives is pretty good. Also for dry cuticles, there are cuticle softeners, I've used sally hansen's cuticle softener and it works well.

  4. Madhurya9:37 AM

    My hands are horrible after this winter, very dry and cracked. I think these look great and would like to give them a try.

  5. Aishwarya8:47 AM

    It's so great to be able to read real reviews. Thanks!

  6. Snehal8:34 AM

    Moisturize your hands with petroleum jelly (any brand) before going to sleep and cover them with cotton gloves overnight.

  7. Anonymous8:47 AM

    get some heavy duty hand cream and also get some cotton gloves. Put the hand cream on before you go to sleep and then put on the cotton gloves. Do this every night when possible. The gloves you can find at wal mart in the glove section or you can get some in the nail polish section specifically made for what I mentioned.
    Also stay hydrated


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