October 9, 2007

Cosmetic Surgery - Fact vs Fiction

By Vasdev Rai
With all of the hype on TV and in magazines about cosmetic makeovers and who’s having what done, it’s hard to keep in mind that cosmetic surgery is indeed surgery and not something to be taken lightly. In one hour-long television show, you can witness a person’s complete transformation and it all looks so easy.

The good thing about TV shows like Extreme Makeover is that they have “un-stigmatized” cosmetic surgery and made it more acceptable to the general public. The downside to some of these shows and the coverage of celebrity makeovers is that they can create unrealistic expectations and some misconceptions about what cosmetic surgery is and what it can do for most people.

Let’s review some of the more common misconceptions about cosmetic surgery in general as well as a few procedures and then look at the actual facts.

Fiction – Cosmetic surgery will change my life and how people treat me.
Fact – Cosmetic surgery can affect the way you feel about yourself and boost your self-esteem and confidence but it will not change how people treat you.
Fiction - All cosmetic surgeons are board-certified in plastic surgery.
Fact – There are many doctors out there calling themselves “board-certified cosmetic surgeons” but they are board-certified but in completely different specialties than plastic surgery. There are dermatologists, gynecologists, ENTs and many other doctors performing cosmetic procedures. Make sure your cosmetic surgeon is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
Fiction - Abdominal liposuction produces the same results as a tummy tuck.
Fact – Liposuction only removes localized excess fat. It does restore stretched abdominal muscles or remove excess sagging skin as a tummy tuck will do.
Fiction - Breast augmentation will lift sagging breasts.
Fact – Breast enlargement surgery creates fuller breasts but cannot lift sagging muscles and skin. Many people who are considering breast augmentation and also have sagging breasts, opt to have a breast lift at the same time as their augmentation.
Fiction - Only people who are “shallow” and narcissistic have cosmetic surgery.
Fact – There are some people out there that are so afraid to age that they have become addicted to cosmetic surgery. However, the vast majority of those having procedures done simply want their appearance to be proportional, in balance and natural looking.
Fiction - Only the rich can afford cosmetic surgery.
Fact – There are numerous financing options when it comes to paying for cosmetic procedures. Many credit card companies have payment programs designed just for cosmetic procedure patients. Just like your house or car payment, you can pay for cosmetic procedures in monthly installments. You can also go to your local bank or credit union for a loan, or use a rewards credit card.
These are only a few of the most common misconceptions about cosmetic surgery. An experienced cosmetic surgeon can help clear up any other questions you have about cosmetic surgery.

If you live in the Dallas, Texas area and are considering any type of cosmetic procedure, take the time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vasdev Rai. He’s an experienced cosmetic surgeon, board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He’ll clear up any questions you have about cosmetic surgery.

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for pointing out that not all people who have cosmetic surgery are shallow and narcissistic. I had a breast reduction for health reasons (to relieve back pain after I had tried everything including physical therapy). While I didn't do it for cosmetic reasons, the great results I had made me appreciate cosmetic surgery a lot more.

    I have learned, though, that surgery can indeed change the way people treat you. Having the large chest that I did, I got a lot of very crude attention from guys from very early on. Now that I no longer look like a porn star, I feel like I get a lot more respect from men and women alike.

    Of course, having a boob job isn't going to resurrect a broken marriage and a perfect nose won't get you into the modeling agent alone. Then again, a boob job might get you more male attention in general and having a great nose doesn't hurt.


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