May 16, 2007

Tattoo is An Art On Our Body

By Jack Lan
People have been enjoying the look of a tattoo and the attention that tattoos bring for many years. Ancient Egyptian history tells us that the Egyptians tattooed themselves for decorative symbolic reasons.
The past has found the primal remains of a man in the snow capped Swiss mountains. There were tattoos, which distinguished royalty, warriors and clans. Although there were some scandalous folk who were tattooed as, they could be recognized as such to the public of the day.
Tattoo as body art has been enjoyed by practically every civilization and culture in history down through the years. All these people had one thing in common; they appreciated the artwork of beautiful tattooing.
The reasons for getting a tattoo are as numerous as there are people who wear body art. Having your body displayed with the magnificent art of colorful tattoo, is a personal choice as is the tattoo you chose to adorn your body.
Some tattoo enthusiasts choose a tattoo because they just love the idea of being a walking masterpiece; their love for art is what leads them to decision to have body art displayed upon them. Others choose to have tattoos that show their relationship to certain things like butterflies and unicorns, as well as the soldier and seaman who want to display their pride of association to their chosen career.
There are bikers who revel in being a rebel, and well covered executives, too. Then there are gang members who reveal their member hood with pride. Actors, dancers and check out clerks who like to let slip a surprise every now and again. Some individuals or even large groups choose body art tattoo in honor of a loved one, or in remembrance of an occasion.
A tattoo is a very personal and permanent form of body art, making the decision to have a tattoo should always be because you really want it. Never have a tattoo done for anyone other than yourself and for your own reasons. Doing so allows you to enjoy your body art so much more.
Tattoos are known for their beauty and meaning. The art of tattooing expressed on a body carries much feeling. Bursting brilliant colors and shading of hues, or simply elegant blacks and grays. Living symbols of that which is in a heart, unless of course the tattoo was ill gotten by a drunk or even worse given by an uncreative artist.
People take notice, as it is impossible not to do. Nevertheless, tattoos also give us a small peek into the essence of a person who wears the body art. Tattoos are actually permanent inked in pieces along the story of the life of one who wears them. Tattoos are body art expressions of the personality.
Since tattoo pictures of color and location have meaning, it is wise to consider that there may be times when the wrong impression is taken by another individual. Before you bear it all, it is best to do a lot of thoughtful research into the colors and symbols that are expressed by tattooing.
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  1. Anonymous4:13 PM

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