April 10, 2007

Satin hand cream

Have you have been neglecting your hands lately? Don’t… By not pampering your hands, you might be adding your bit to hasten the natural ageing process. There is still time to make amends. Nourish and moisturize your hands as often as possible. If you don’t want to splurge on expensive hand creams and lotions, then try making one at home. Here’s a recipe for a hand cream which you could try. This is a good body lotion too.


1 tbsp stearic acid
2 tsp almond oil
1 tsp emulsifying wax
6 tbsp water
1 tbsp glycerin
¼ tsp liquid soap


Melt the oil and wax in one bowl and the other ingredients in the other. Remove from the heat and slowly add the water to the oils, beating or stirring all the time. This makes ½ a cup of white, satiny cream which gives a pearly sheen.

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  1. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Neutrogena has a hand cream called Visibly Younger and its spf is 20. Its dermatologist recommended & costs about $10. Put it on your hands and arms too. My mom uses it & I borrow it sometimes. It will keep your hands soft & feels good.


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