February 10, 2007

Get rid of procrastination

Do you always put off doing things? Are you a lazy, laid-back person who blindly follows the saying ‘Why rush now, when there is always a tomorrow in waiting?’ Are you afraid of trying out something new and then invent a hundred excuses for your lack of fervor towards your work… Who are you trying to convince anyway???
lazy person
Procrastination, disorganization, and fear of taking risks– these qualities of yours will make you bite the dust in course of time. Your adversaries will be having the last laugh at your expense, leaving you far behind in the rat race. So, instead of spending time on senseless pursuits and idle gossip, do something worthwhile. It is your deeds (and not words) that influence people about your capabilities.

Excerpts from the article Eliminate-procrastination-now
We have all heard the adage, “We all get the same 24 hours,” and still wonder how some people are able to get so much done in so little time. Or, we gawk at others’ ability to stay motivated and compelled to finish their jobs ahead of time.
For many of us, the problem is that we far too often push away doing our responsibilities until the last minute, and then scramble like startled rabbits towards completing these jobs on time…
Fight the Urge to Lay Back and Do Nothing. When you feel like doing nothing, talk to yourself. Tell yourself that you shouldn’t be doing this and that you have stuff to attend to.


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  1. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Procrastination can be a problem for most people. I, myself, am such a master procrastinator that I can easily get awards for being so good at it. Procrastination is analogous to laziness. You set things aside, knowing that there’ll be lots of time to do them in the next hours, days, or even weeks. Personality-wise, procrastination is not positive! It’s a negative force that results in unutilized skills and dullness.

  2. Brijesh1:00 PM

    Procrastination, in my opinion, is a natural human sense that perhaps the course you are following may not necessarily
    the one to lead you to what is your best calling. I say, follow your passion. what leads you to procrastinate may be an intuitive signal
    to stop and take notice of what you are doing. When you feel passion about something, that then is what will bring you the greatest enjoyment and you wont be going down the wrong road and ending up asking yourself,"why me?" This is the way to happiness without having to deal with the nagging feeling that something is wrong.

  3. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Write down all the things you are procrastinating about. Prioritize your list in order of importance and urgency. To help you prioritize your list, ask yourself the following three important questions. Create a timeline to get things done .Accountability can be a good way to deal with procrastination. Work with a friend, a colleague or a personal life coach to keep you accountable. Take action. What is a first things you can do right now that will move you forward? Take time to celebrate. Once a task or project is completed, reward yourself. This will give you a sense of achievement and reinforce the feeling of accomplishment so that next time you find yourself procrastinating, you will remember how good it feels just to do it.

  4. Vijeta2:56 PM

    I'm a major procrastinator and I get lazy pretty easily. Even if I try to get myself back on my feet I end up just falling down again.

    This post has encouraged me to finally put my laziness aside and start doing the things I've avoided after all this time. Thanks!

  5. Subhas4:40 PM

    either push yourself to do those things. You usually feel much better when they are done. Otherwise if your like me and like to make a lot of commitments but can't follow them, just don't volunteer to do so much.

  6. Sudheendra4:48 PM

    Do it right away before you reason it out

  7. Yogish3:23 PM

    Procrastination is a learned habit, and can supplanted with a more constructive habit, giving your greater control over your life. If procrastination has limited your achievements, do something about it now!


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