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November 8, 2006

Indigestion-causes and symptoms

Indigestion is also known as ‘dyspepsia’ and is a Greek term indicating indigestion or difficulty in digestion. It is a vague term very often quoted to describe any discomfort in the upper abdomen brought on by overeating. Most people suffer from it in day to day life, and it is often no more than a sign of overindulgence. Very rarely it represents a serious problem. The occasional mild indigestion does not require treatment and will be automatically relieved in a couple of hours.

Causative factors:
Over eating, eating repeatedly, eating too much of rich, fatty or spicy food, which can irritate the stomach lining. Other causative factors are pregnancy and stress. Occasionally, indigestion is a symptom of some other problem like peptic ulcer, gallstones or hiatus hernia.

Signs and symptoms
The symptoms occur immediately after eating the food and may last for a couple of hours. Depending on the severity, one can notice symptoms and signs. Vague discomfort and stomach-ache is common. Sometimes one may feel ‘bloated’ and ‘nauseous’. Burping is another sign. Foul taste is an indicator of chronic indigestion.
Category: Health, Home-remedies
(To be continued tomorrow…)

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  1. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Diet. Milk, milk products, alcoholic beverages, tea, and coffee cause indigestion in some people because they stimulate the stomach's production of acid. Medications.Disorders of the pancreas and gallbladder

  2. Janaki5:31 PM

    Overeating, Eating too fast, Eating fatty or greasy foods, Overindulgence in alcohol, Eating spicy foods, Emotional trauma or nervousness.

  3. Rachana10:18 AM

    Eat your food slowly and chew it well. Avoid talking or drinking lots of water while eating.

  4. Umadevi10:19 AM

    Avoid over-eating even at times when you know that you may have to skip your next meal. It is better to eat shorter meals more frequently than few large meals.


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