November 25, 2006

Fear of taking risks and Ghosts from the past

Hueina Su, a Professional Life Coach and the founder of Beyond Horizon Coaching has this wonderful blog, Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul with a host of self-improvement articles. I have lined up two of her posts which I liked, for a weekend read. Have a look at them.

In her post, The missing ingredient, she writes about how people stick to their old ways and avoid taking risks out of fear. Excerpts:
“Most people are afraid of changes. We'd rather keep the status quo (even if the situation is bad), because it is familiar and it's easier to stay in our "comfort zone". However, to make positive changes we need to first change our mindset about change. We need to be aware of what we are letting go (of old things or people or beliefs), and the reason we are letting go of these is to make room for new/better things.

Her second post Is your life haunted? is about how wrong and incorrect beliefs and unpleasant experiences from the past continue to haunt people and prevent them from surging forward. She narrates an interesting story to that effect. Few lines from her post:
“ Most people are "haunted" by gremlins and ghosts from their past……They follow you wherever you go, and stop you cold in your track toward success, happiness and inner peace. The more you try to run away from them or deny them, the bigger and more vicious these ghosts grow.”

Update: Unfortunately her blog has been deleted. So I have removed the links to her posts.

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