November 24, 2006

Artificial Jewelry

By Kadence Buchanan
The most economical form of jewelry items these days is artificial jewelry. The days of heavy chains, necklaces, bracelets, rings and the like are lost somewhere in the midst of modernity. Gold, silver, diamonds, designer jewelry, though preferred by most of the people, however is worn over a lower scale.

Precious jewels are associated with special occasions like weddings, parties, balls, ceremonies etc. Children and youngsters are exempted from this class, the reason being; precious jewels are valuable and their utilization demands exercising caution.

Artificial jewelry is more comfy and pleasurable to wear. There is so much variety, so much to chose from that you cannot stop yourself from buying as many as your pocket can afford the moment you enter such a shop. The colorful, dwindling, shimmering, fancy items almost tend to water your mouth. When did such a trend take the whole world in it's grasp is hard to determine. The only fact that a person can point towards is that the business of artificial jewelry is going skyward and exceptionally rapid. Women need not to worry any longer because they have earrings, chains, rings, anklets, nose pins etc in every color, every design thinkable, every size and shape. There will always be something to match with a lady's dress. Jewelers deserve a round of applause at how they are managing to give optimal satisfaction to the customers across the globe.

There are new designs every single day that crop up in the markets. The number of artificial jewelry shops and shoppers is increasing day by day. Silver, platinum, leather, plastic, titanium and other such metals and material is used for their making. Plastic and rubber bracelets seem to attract children and teenagers more because of their availability in striking, florescent colors.

Teenaged girls and boys can be seen everywhere wearing bracelets and rings usually their preferences are silver and platinum. It surely is very economical to have such means of embellishment and beautification. Even at weddings now brides wear artificial jewels, that are a bit expensive yet they enhance the bride's prettiness more than the plain and dull gold. The stylish toe rings worn with sandals can make you love your feet. Beads and peacocks feathers have lately been used in the making of earrings

The fun part is that whenever you open your drawer, you can enjoy the perfect little happiness glancing over you collection of artificial jewelry.

Kadence Buchanan writes articles on many topics including Jewelry, Toys, and Clothing.

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  1. Namitha10:48 AM

    Only wear the jewelery for short periods of time you can also go have them plated at a jewelery store just on the part that is going to be touching your ear. it is very cheep.

  2. Sterling silver isn't "artificial" and is safe for those who have allergic reactions

  3. Well as odd as this might sound.....toothpaste works great....use an old toothbrush, scrub it, then rinse & dry with towel

  4. Anonymous10:30 AM

    How can u make old silver artificial jewellery like new??

  5. Shriya10:32 AM

    stop wearing cheap jewelery! Sterling Silver, Gold or Platinum only

  6. Anusha4:47 PM

    In case of imitation jewelery, avoid contact with water and perfume. As soon as you remove them, wipe them with dry cotton and keep then in airtight zip-lock bags.


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