October 21, 2006

What is macular degeneration (MD)

Macular degeneration causes the people to lose their ability to see things at the centre of the field of vision. This loss of vision most often occurs as people age. MD attacks the central portion of the retina; the part of the eye that receives light patterns and transmits them to the brain. It causes bleeding or cuts of the circulation of the blood in the macula, the centre of the retina. The disease progressively damages or destroys these part of vision used for reading and seeing fine details, while leaving the peripheral vision generally unaffected. People who have this disorder develop vision loss that increases in diameter until they are not able to read or even see groups of two or three words at reading distance.

close-up of eyeball

Wet and dry MD:In the ‘dry’ form, which accounts for about 90% of MD cases the muscular cells slowly waste away, causing gradual vision loss. In the ‘wet’ form, abnormal growth of blood vessels beneath the macula causes bleeding and scarring. The result is severe damage to the macula that may destroy the patient’s central vision.

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