October 28, 2006

Hair dyes and cancer

According to research conducted by a university from South California, in the US men and women who regularly color their hair with permanent hair dyes are likely to suffer from bladder cancer. Barbers and hair-dressers, who handle the dyes, as a part of their profession, are also likely to suffer from the disease.

Women who use permanent dyes at least once in a month for 1 year or longer, have twice the risk of bladder cancer as non-users.

Monthly or more frequent users for 15 or more years experience 3 times that risk. Researchers found the increased cancer risk only with permanent dyes, not semi-permanent or temporary hair-color which rinses out and fades after a series of shampoos.

According to previous studies, small amounts of arylamines, chemicals used in hair dye, were found to cause cancer in experimental animals. These substances are absorbed through the skin during normal use. The body later expels them through urine, passing through the bladder.


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  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    The chemicals in hair dyes, especially the dark colored permanent dyes, are easily absorbed into the body via the scalp. Once absorbed into the body they become concentrated in the bladder. Dark hair dyes are of particular concern because they contain a much higher concentration of chemicals than the lighter dyes. Although dark colored strong permanent hair colors may be dangerous to your health, bleaching agents have not been proven to be carcinogenic. Neither have the non permanent vegetable based dyes or henna of any kind.


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