September 1, 2006

Some distinct hairstyles

There are some hairstyles that you can make on your own. So let us learn to do these hairstyles at your home which can be done in no time. The first thing to note is that before going for a particular style, keep in mind the length of your hair. Moreover, wash it carefully and then proceed to style it.
* Set the flat hair by back-combing. And don’t forget to use a little hair spray so that the hair sets properly.
* Apply mousse on short hair, set it by using a hair-dryer and leave it open.
* If you want fringes in the hair, then apply mousse near the hairline. After that blow-dry the hair, which will set the fringes. Don’t apply mousse or wax in excess to smoothen the hair.
* If you are using styling spray, spray it on the hair, not at the roots. Then, use hair-dryer. After that, with your fingertips, apply a little shine gel on the hair. Don’t brush the hair but set it in order with your fingers and leave it untied.
Don’t frizzle up your curly hair but group it in areas of approximately 1 inch.
* Curl each group of hair separately on your fingers. Don’t use hairbrush or hairdryer.
* In order to make natural curly and wavy hair more attractive, apply oil or gel on hair with your fingers. Then use hair spray.
* Divide the curly hair in many parts and then secure each part separately in a rubber band. After some time open it, your hair will appear denser.
* After spraying a little water on your hair spread the hair using a hair dryer. Then pin them up from the sides and let it remain open or tie it in a pony-tail. Then use the hair-accessories that match your dress.
To make medium and long hair attractive wear it in a bun. Let some strands of hair remain outside the bun. Use a pin-type comb (hard comb) or a bun-pin in order to set the bun and make it look more attractive.
Use rollers if you want to make your hair wavy. After some time take out the rollers from your hair. Thereafter, do not brush the hair but set it only with your fingers.
Category: Hair care
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  1. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Modern hair up dos can be done quickly and can be worn during any occasion. Here's a style secret for a quick DIY up do. Apply mousse or styling wax to hair and secure into a loose pony or pigtails. Coil it round and pin into place. Remember to keep it loose and for a very new style, close to the neck. To instantly update the style, you can also wear it slightly to one side of the head.


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