September 9, 2006

How mature are you-part 3

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Intellectual maturity:
It is difficult to measure the intellectual maturity of a person as there is no common agreement as to what it involves. However it can be thought of in the following manner:
1) Intellectual maturity means that a person handles and understands the language of words, figures, and signs or symbols in accordance to one’s culture.
2) An intellectually mature person takes his/her own decisions and does not wait for advice or prompting from others. The more independently one takes decisions, the more one is supposed to be intellectually mature.
3) A person can be considered intellectually mature if he/she is able to look at his/her problems impartially and objectively.
4) If one makes a mistake and accepts it, one is more mature than those who shift their responsibilities onto others.
5) If one makes hasty judgments, one is still like an immature child who makes moves without weighing the pros and cons.
6) A person is intellectually mature if one can reserve one’s judgment till one has considered the pros and cons of the problem and knows what is actually involved and what needs to be done in the problem. Intellectual maturity is very much related to one’s emotional maturity.

Emotional maturity:
Losing the temper and feeling very much annoyed when things don’t go the way one desires is very common among human beings. This is due to lack of emotional maturity. Children of such parents who do not get easily disturbed and upset, tend to be emotionally mature. An emotionally mature person will restrain himself/herself and will not be easily disturbed by his/her immediate impulses.

There are some feelings which you accept but would like to keep to yourself while there are some which you express and share with others. Such a control on one’s emotions is not learnt in a day or a two. You slowly learn to have more and more control on yourself. Emotional maturity helps to achieve an attractive and charming personality and makes one a socially acceptable person.
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  1. Prajval3:31 PM

    Just be responsible for yourself and act your age. Like knowing when to joke around and when not too. most maturity comes from growing up and learning life's lessons. Learn from past mistakes and do not keep making them.

  2. Kartik4:38 PM

    Mature would mean to most that I've grown to my fullest potential in life (mentally, or physically, or etc). But to me, maturity is when you've reached the point in your life experience where you have gained the ability to deal with any situation that may arrive at your doorstep. Experience helps you to deal with situations, friends help to shed more experience, and just a general sensibility helps (common sense) to ensure the ability to conquer everyday situations.
    In my own eyes, I know I'm not fully matured, but I've attained a meek ability to thwart things that come my way, with the help of my Protector, Jehovah

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I'm so mature that I'm looking back over the hill, But I still have a little child in me that's a sh!t stirring little sun-of-a-b!tch, man it's fun to blame my immaturity on someone that can't defend their selves..... where ever I go , there I am and I ain't looking back neither YAAAA HOOOOOO!!!!!
    But on a serious note, maturity knowing when to hold your tongue,when to compliment, who needs help and what will help them, what's funny and whats not, what embarrasses people and why you don't. Not sending hate and knowing how to love! and so forth and so on.....


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