August 25, 2006

Watch-A fashion accessory

The watch on your wrist is no longer a ubiquitous device to tell you the time- it is an all important accessory, a fashion statement, a personal signature… and more. Gone are the days when wrist watches were sturdy and practical objects, only to be glanced at to follow the passage or time.

Today, they come in a mind boggling array of shapes, sizes, designs and colors, made from materials ranging from plastic to platinum, to cater to all tastes, suit all pockets and satisfy all personal whims and fancies. Men, as well as women are going in for more and more fancy, designer watches. Watches today are made dust-proof, water proof and shock proof. Watch companies have launched millions of types of watches into the market and the demand seems greater than the supply. They are targeting mainly women customers, as wrist watches make a bold fashion statement.

While men usually prefer their watches to be big, showy and macho, often with built in alarm, computer, etc, ladies prefer theirs to be dainty and delicate – a part of their jewelry. Ladies’ watches are available in wide range of eye-catching designs, ranging from the ‘bracelet’ ones, to chain ones, or those which are studded with diamonds, emeralds or rubies. Delicate pure gold watches with tiny diamond figures and a diamond clasp are an all time favorite of rich and famous.

The watches we choose reflect the way we want others to see us. Colorful and exciting, confidently big or bold, refined, elegant or slim- the choice is ours. We can even vary our watch according to our mood and place – practical, sturdy watches for office wear, and dainty, elegant ones for party wear. Watches can reveal our personalities – slim, young and trendy, or sophisticated and classical.

As time becomes an increasingly valuable commodity in today’s fast paced world, the wrist watch is gaining more and more importance.
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  2. Goutam10:15 AM

    Amazing accessories!

  3. Narasinha10:15 AM

    haha thanks :)

  4. Anonymous9:22 AM

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