August 7, 2006

Contact lenses-some helpful tips for care and maintenance-1

You may be wearing soft contact lenses to correct your vision problems or colored cosmetic lenses to enhance the look of your eyes. However a thorough contact lens care regimen is essential to ensure maximum comfort, visual clarity and maintain eye health while you are wearing your lenses. Good contact lens care helps prolong the life of your lenses.

Some helpful tips for contact lenses users
Follow the wearing schedule and care regimen prescribed for you by your eye practitioner. Failure to do so can result in serious eye complications.
* Always store your lenses at room temperature.
* Thoroughly wash, rinse and dry your hands before inserting or removing your lenses.
* Clean and disinfect one lens at a time to avoid mixing up left and right lenses, especially be more careful when the power of each eye is different. Do this over a clean surface.
* Handle your lenses with your finger tips, avoiding any contact with the finger nails.
* Do not grow long nails especially on your index finger and thumb. Your delicate eyes may get injured while inserting the lens. Also there is a chance of scratching the lens surface rendering it totally unusable.
* Never use water to clean or rinse the lenses, always use the prescribed disinfecting solution meant for contact lenses only. Avoid using solution which is meant to clean the lenses of spectacles or cameras.
* Thoroughly rinse each side of the lens for 5 seconds.
* While cleaning the lenses with the solution, rub the lens in a gentle back and forth movement (linear) rather than a circular motion.
* After removing the lenses and rinsing them and cleaning them store them in the lens case and fill with fresh disinfecting solution, each time after every wear.
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  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    when you put contacts on dont put them directly in your eye that hurtfulness lol put them in the corner and move the skin next to your eye to put them in the pupil ^

  2. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Soft contact lenses are only as good as the time you take to clean and care for them. And while some soft contact lenses can be worn without cleaning and storing, there may some days that this won’t be possible. Eye infections and injuries might keep you from putting your soft contact lenses in.
    Putting in and taking out your soft contact lenses is a matter of having clean hands. Try to use a basic soap bar with warm water to wash your hands before touching your lenses.

  3. unknown5:42 PM

    Your eyes should look white and clear, without any redness, just as how they are when you do not have contact lenses on.


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