June 6, 2010

Beauty Tips: Reader's Contribution

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women using scrub and loofah
* Alternate between a loofah or granular scrub and an AHA lotion to get maximum benefits from the exfoliation. This trick helps get rid of dead skin cell build up more effectively.
* Douse dandruff flakes with cup of boiled and cooled green tea.
* Dab antibacterial tea tree oil on zits to reduce the inflammation.
* Use baby oils (Johnson's baby oil) instead of cleansing creams, they will do the same job at less than half the price.
* If you have blemishes, use a concealer before applying foundation. Avoid putting too much powder or colour on the pimples or they'll attract attention.
*Perfumes should always be stored upside down; that's what Pros from Paris suggest.
* For a face that's not so stunning, get an eyebrow makeover (check this out). A smarter shaped eyebrow can make all the difference to your face.
(Contributed by Anya)

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